How to create Gmail Account with & without Mobile Number

In the current days, having a mail provider is important. Yes, you heard us right. An email helps us keep track of various work processes that aren’t easy to cater to in normal time. Messages are temporary, and with an email, you can curate a professional approach. One of the most famous email provider services is Gmail. We are here to guide you through the whole process. Make sure to read the article till the very end.

In recent days, it has been that most offices, organizations, colleges and universities, and almost all the process-based management want an official email ID to process their work. Even banks avoid sharing a physical copy of statements and are asking customers to attach an Email ID with their bank account. The world of modernization is here. We can keenly observe various changes, and with this comes the world of the internet.

If you want to register at any online-based service or website, very few of them only rely on a phone number. Rest all the websites ask you for an Email ID. These services share regular updates such as a newsfeed or official links (including confirmation) through Email only. So, what are you waiting for? It is time for you to know how to create an Email ID. In this article, we will read the same and learn how to create an Email account via Gmail.

Let’s know more about Gmail before we begin creating an account on the platform.

  • Storage space: Gmail provides an extensive storage space of 15 GB (free users). You can store photos, contacts, emails, sheets, etc.
  • Security of data: The more important thing in all emails is security. As Gmail provides an exclusive security assurance, it is safe.
  • Portability and accessibility: It is rare to find features like Gmail on any other similar platform. You can easily access any mail at any place, any time.
  • Easy and accessible user-interface: This is what we all look for. An easy user interface held us longer than expected.

These are just a glimpse of all the features that Google provides. We can look into many more, so for that, let’s first learn how we can create a Gmail account.

Creating a new Gmail account by mobile number

It is not that difficult to create a Gmail account. You can do it through two different ways, or shall I say two different authentication methods.

  • Firstly, open Gmail’s official website, where you will be navigated to the login page.
  • Click on Create account and choose your preferences.
  • Enter your details as First name, Last name, and preferable email ID along with password. Click on Next.
  • Now at the top you will be getting an option of Phone number. Enter the phone number, then your account will be linked with this number, Verify your phone number.
  • Now you can enter a recovery mail, date of birth, and gender. Click on Next.

This was the final step now you can acknowledge the terms and conditions and finally access the ‘Gmail’.

Open Google Mail account without phone number

Method 1

If you do not want to add your phone number while creating a Gmail account, then you can simply do it by following the below steps.

  • Go to Gmail website, and enter your First Name, Last Name details.
  • Exactly at this point, you will be asked to enter an Email ID of your choice. Choose a phone that you can tag along for long term.
  • Now, enter a password that will protect your account (while logging in) and press ‘Next’.
  • You will be asked to enter a ‘phone number’, but this is optional. You can either enter a number or just leave this section blank.
  • Just below this section, you must enter ‘gender’ and ‘date of birth’.
  • Proceed by adding these. Finally, click on ‘Create account’.

Now, you will be prompted with all the terms and conditions. Click on the acceptance box to accept these terms.

Finally authorize the creation of account. Congratulations, your Gmail account is now ready to be used.

Method 2

In case you do not get the option of leaving the phone number section blank, the difficult work begins. You may now need to find another way to spoof it.

It is possible to get dummy phone numbers online. These services provide phone numbers that aren’t legit. These can be something like for a ‘one time use’ purpose.

You can use this one time use phone number for precisely 6 times.

How do you use Gmail for the first time?

Like any other platform, you can access Gmail with just mere few steps. You can directly compose a mail and look at the simplicity of the user-interface all day long. For majority of the features that you love using on a mailing platform, Gmail is just heaven. So, ensure to explore Gmail for more and more features.


Can I open a Gmail mail account without a phone number?

Yes, you can create a Gmail account without phone number. For it, you need to either use a dummy phone number or have a new session (preferably new phone) to not trigger phone verification. Follow our guide to know more.

How many Gmail accounts can I create using one phone number?

You can create 6 Gmail accounts using one phone number. We recommend minimizing multiple accounts and use one account for long term.


We hope that you have understood each step that we guided you through. For any queries, please let us know. We will help you. Share your feedback about Gmail with us. Till the next time, it is a charm to learn something new.

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