How to check who viewed your Facebook profile in 2022?

This is the era of social media; everyone you know and do not know is on Facebook. Facebook is quite possibly the most well-known social media destination. Currently known as Meta, Facebook started in the year 2004, and while there were only a few people with accounts on Facebook then, It has almost 2.9 billion users now. Now, you also have a profile on Facebook, and people will check it out.

Everyone checks out someone else’s profile on Facebook; it is how you know they are not a creep and have an active social life. So, people are bound to check on your profile; however, how do you know who is checking your profile. Here we will show you how to check who viewed your profile, and it can be friends, family, ex-boyfriends, or even potential future crushes. Facebook allows you to check lawfully, who saw your profile.

How to check who viewed your Facebook profile using Buddy ID?

  • First, you really want to login into your Facebook account. You can do this by opening your Facebook account through your mobile or PC by utilizing the application or program.
  • Once you reach the Facebook homepage or the timeline, you will need to right-click on the screen. Right-click anywhere on the screen. You will see a sub-menu appear on the page and select on view page source on the sub-menu. Once it opens up, you will need to click on Ctrl and F together. A search bar will be brought up.
  • Half of the work is already done. Once the search bar comes, you will need to type in Buddy_Id in the search box provided. You can now see who all saw your profile or separate Facebook buddy Ids.
  • You can copy the buddy Id and paste it into the search section of a new tab. That will take you to the profile of the person who viewed your ID.
  • You can now take a screenshot of the profile to remember it later.

How to view who is stalking your Facebook profile?

  • You will need to log into your profile first using the Facebook app or Browser. If by any chance, you are not able to find the following submenus using a browser, you should download and shift to the Facebook app instead.
  • Once you are logged in, click on your account or go to the timeline. Once you are in your time, you will see the option for Privacy. Click on the Privacy button.
  • Once you have reached the Privacy, you must click on Privacy shortcuts. Under Privacy shortcuts, you will see the option Who Viewed my Profile?
  • Click on the who viewed my profile submenu, and you will be able to see all those who have viewed your profile.

There are other ways that you can use to find out who is viewing your Facebook profile. However, these might not work perfectly, but you can still take a guess. If your profile is not locked in general, someone viewing your profile is bound to like an old image by mistake. Therefore, you can find out who this person is. Also, someone sending you friend requests repeatedly is deemed to have viewed your profile.

Things to be careful

If you search on the net, who viewed my Facebook profile, you might get a lot of sites that will offer to show you the statistics, but you will need to follow through with one of their offers. They will first ask for the link to your profile and then tell you it is 90 percent completed. However, they will not show you the statistics unless you comply and install one of their games or use one of their apps.

Most of the time, it is a scam. The offer will not show competition even after downloading the game or using the app. Usually, these invite all kinds of viruses into your laptop or mobile. If you tend to follow through and go to their sites, they will ask you to make a payment of a cent so that they can verify if you are a human or not. In any case, you ought to never place in your bank subtleties or charge card subtleties. This is very risky and can be used against you later on.


Therefore, you see there are ways on Facebook to see who has viewed your profile. It can also help you identify a potential stalker or even someone you might not be comfortable viewing your profile with. However, the best thing you can do is lock your profile. If you are tense about random people viewing your profile, you can lock it. Now they will only be able to view the profile picture but to view the profile, you will need to accept them as friends.

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