How to create and use Poll in iMessage on iPhone and iPad

iMessage is among the most popular instant messaging applications around the world. With the rise in iOS users, the number of people using the iMessage app has been increased too. Because of its privacy and security features, a lot of iOS users prefer using iMessage over other similar applications. While there are many features in iMessage that can’t be found in any other messaging applications, still, there are some improvements needed. For example, you can’t create polls in an iMessage chat or group without using a third-party app.

Here in this post, we are going to tell you how to make polls in iMessage on iOS devices for free. You can use this method to create unlimited polls on iOS devices and get feedback from the iMessage users. The process includes an app named “Polls For iMessage” which is among the best working apps to create polls on iOS devices. Using this app is very easy and a person with no to little knowledge of iOS will be able to use this for creating polls. You will need both the iMessage and Polls app to create and send polls. If you don’t know how to send a poll in iMessage, then you must read this post till the end to know how to create it.

Using Polls for iOS Message

The best app to create polls on iMessage is Polls For iMessage which is available for free. You can download the app from the iOS App Store and it will automatically merge with the iMessage application. When you will open your iMessage app and create a new message, it will show options to create a poll directly on the chat screen. There are many advantages of using this app over others as it comes with premium polling options and quick customer support. Below we have shared the steps you can follow to use the Polls For iMessage app to create and send polls easily.

  • First of all, download Polls For iMessage from the app store.
  • Once installed, you can open the iMessage app and create a group of contacts.
  • In the group message section, click on the Grey Apps Draw icon and then click on the Polls Icon.
  • Click on Get Started button and will run instantly.
  • Now, enter the name of your Poll as per your needs as it will show as the poll title. Then, click on Next.
  • Now, you need to click on the Add Option button and keep adding options to your poll. You are required to enter at least 2 options in the poll to create it and the maximum can be anything.
  • If you want then you can also use the Calendar feature to set a date and time for your poll.
  • When you are done creating the poll, click on Send Poll button to send it to your group as a message.

NOTE: Polls For iMessage app comes with options to customize your poll and you can use the features to allow/disallow people from viewing the results. You can also add, delete, and, rearrange the poll options as per your needs. Below we have mentioned some of the options available in this application which you can configure in your poll.

Check Who Voted: You can enable or disable this option as per your needs. It will let the voters see the names of persons who have voted for a particular option. If you are thinking of doing anonymous polls, we will recommend you keep this option turned off.

Add Options in Poll: If you don’t want other people or the participants to add options to the poll, then you can turn this feature off. Participants will be able to vote only on the options added by the poll creator and nothing can be edited with the owner’s will.

Declare Winner: It can be configured to work either when everyone in the group has cast their votes or when the poll reaches the deadline. If you are using the app with a calendar, then you can set the date and time when the poll will end and the winner will be declared automatically.

Multiple Votes: Members will be able to cast multiple votes if this option is enabled. If you want a person to vote only 1 time in the poll, then you will need to turn this feature off. If you want to allow the participants to bring other voters too, then keep this option off.

Create Poll in iMessage using Agree App

Agree is not just another poll application for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad but it comes with a lot more options. There are various themes and icons available in the app that can be used to customize the look and working of the polls. The best thing about Agree iOS app is that it works on MAC devices too. You can use iCloud to sync your poll options and data online and use the keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate and manage your polls.

However, this app is not popular as Polls For iMessage, we will recommend you to give it a try as a lot of users are already using it. Talking about the display, it has got more options than the app we have mentioned above, so it is definitely a worthy opponent to the Polls For iMessage application. Below are some of the features you can find in this app that every user must know before downloading it.

Final Words

If you are an admin of an iMessage group then you can easily create iMessage polls using the method mentioned above. There are quite a few more apps like Polls For iMessage available out there but this app works best among all. You can use this app to create unlimited iMessage polls on iOS devices like iPhones and iPad.

We hope now you know how to do a poll in iMessage, and if you are facing any issues in using the application or have any questions related to the iMessage poll app, then feel free to contact us regarding that via the comments below. If you know about any other apps like Polls For iMessage, then do let us know about it too so we can include that on this page.

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