Call Failed Issue on iPhone? 12 Ways to Fix it

Mobile phones have changed our lives completely. These days, everyone uses their mobile devices to stay connected with each other and to do almost anything they want. From streaming your favourite TV shows, and movies to paying bills, everything is done using these smartphone devices.

Although there are many uses of smartphones, a majority of the device owners use their devices for faster communication. By using your mobile device you can call anyone anytime without worrying about anything. Though sometimes your calls might get failed because of various reasons and if it is bothering on an iPhone device, then you need to fix it asap.

In this post, we have shared some practical and working methods to fix calls failed on iPhone devices. While the method to fix the issue depends on the reason why you are facing this issue but if you are not a technical person, then you can follow every available method to see which one worked for you. All of the methods mentioned on this page are curated from the official sources and by reading reviews of real iPhone users. These methods will definitely help you in fixing the iPhone call failed problem. Do not worry about your data because none of these methods include accessing your storage or formatting your device.

Reason Behind Call Failed On iPhone

As we said above, the real solution to fix iPhone calls failing depends on the reason why you are facing this issue in the first place. Call failure iPhone 7 was the most searched term on the internet because there were some connectivity issues in that particular device. However, Apple has fixed it now but iPhone call failed repeatedly can happen on any device. So, if you want to know why does my iPhone keep saying call failed, then you can have a look at the possible reasons listed below. These are generally the main causes of call failed when calling someone on iPhone devices.

  • Network issues from the carrier.
  • The device’s configuration has changed.
  • The latest iOS version is not installed.
  • SIM card not inserted properly.
  • Other running apps affect the calling feature and many more.

12 Ways to Fix iPhone Called Failed Issue

Restart your Apple iOS Device

Not only on iPhone but you can literally follow this fix on other devices as well. Whenever you are facing any issues with your device then you can simply restart it once to get rid of the problem. By restarting your device, you are forcing any running apps to shut down and forcing the back-end services to restart themselves. If anything running in the background might be causing this issue, then your problem will be fixed after a simple restart. You can try calling the same person again to see if the issue has been solved else you can try other methods.

Set the current date and time on iPhone

Date and Time play an important role in running the device, applications, and other services on it. Not only iPhone but you must use the Automatic Date and Time feature to automatically set the current date and time. If your iPhone’s date and time are incorrect, then go to the Settings and change them immediately. You can enable and set automatically in the Date & Time settings if you have traveled recently to a different time zone or turned on your device after a long time.

  • Open the Settings app and go to General settings.
  • Scroll down and click on Date & Time.
  • Enable the Set Automatically option.

Change Network Type

Well, in this digital world the network carriers are switching constantly to a higher protocol. While almost every company now offers 4G services around the world, the network might not reach every part of the world. You can switch the network profile between 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G to see if the network connectivity issue is the real cause behind your problem. We recommend using 3G first because it offers better connectivity and range than 4G and 5G networks. Since the latest devices or the actual SIM card on your device might not support the 2G services, switching the network type to 3G might help you in fixing the calling issue on iPhone.

Update your iOS Version with the latest (If Available)

If you have no installed iOS updates on your iPhone then it’s high time you do it now. Every software update fixes known bugs in the system and that might be the case with your network issue. If you have any pending iOS updates available on your device then go to the Settings menu to install them. Once done, restart your iPhone device and check whether you are able to make the calls or not. If yes, then the issue has been resolved by the iOS update else you can try following other methods mentioned below.

Check Call Forwarding Settings on your iOS

Call Forwarding allows you to divert calls from one number to another. Sometimes when you download any app or make changes to call settings, the forwarding feature might get activated and configured on its own. You can check the call forwarding settings and might consider disabling it once to see if it is causing the iPhone call failed problem. Here’s how you can access this particular setting on your device.

  • Open the Settings app and go to Phone settings.
  • Under the Calls tab, click on the Call Forwarding option.
  • If it is enabled, then toggle the button to disable it.
  • Now try to making the call with your iPhone to see if the problem has been fixed.

Try Calling Other Contacts

If the person you are calling is having issues with his device or network then you might not be able to call them. This can be the case why your iPhone calls are getting failed. The issue might not be with your device or network but with the person, you are trying to call. To see if this is the issue, try calling some other numbers from your device. If the calls are getting connected to everyone but not to the one you are trying, then there might be problems with the person’s device or network. You can contact them via other means and ask them to check and fix the issue.

Dial *#31# Code

Called ID feature on iPhone allows a person to send their profile and receive another person’s called ID when they got a call. If you have accidentally enabled this function then you might have to disable it to fix iPhone call failed problem. This is one of the best and working ways how to fix call failed on iPhone. If your iPhone call failed when using the keypad, then you can use the same app to dial the *#31# hidden code to find this setting or you can do it via the Settings app too.

  • Open the Settings app and then Phone settings.
  • Click on the Show My Called ID option.
  • Enable the option by using the toggle button.

Toggle Airplane Mode

You can use the Airplane Mode to shut down the current network carrier and other WiFi settings temporarily. Use the Notification Area to access Airplane Mode or by going to the Settings app. Enable the Airplane Mode for about 10-15 seconds and then disable it again. Wait for the network to arrive and then try making the call again.

Remove and Reinsert the SIM Card

If the method mentioned above didn’t solve your problem then you can simply reinsert the SIM card into your device. The SIM card might get damaged or misplaced when your device falls down. Use the SIM ejector tool that came with your device to pull out the SIM tray, take out the SIM card, clean the chip with a dry and clean cloth, insert the SIM card again and try making the calls. If you are not getting network in your device then it means your SIM card is damaged and you might have to visit the carrier’s outlet to get a new SIM card.

Enable Cellular Data and Roaming

When traveling to a new place, you must keep both cellular data and roaming setting ON to allow the network to work smoothly. If you have disabled any of these settings then you might need to enable them to make calls with your device. Many SIM companies use VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) function for the best calling experience and you might have to enable the mobile data too even if your device is connected to a WiFi network. You can enable both settings from the Settings app else follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the Settings app and click on the Mobile Data option.
  • Now, enable the Mobile Data option.
  • Click on Mobile Data Options and enable the Data Roaming.
  • Put your device in Airplane Mode for 10-15 seconds.
  • Turn off the airplane mode and try making the calls again.

Reset Network Settings

If you want, then you can also reset the network settings of your device. This method comes in handy when you have recently played with the network settings or downloaded anything that modifies the settings of your device. If you think you have messed up the network settings, then you can reset it by going to the Settings menu. Here’s how you can reset iPhone network settings to default without using any third-party application or tool.

  • Open the Settings app and then go to General settings.
  • Scroll down and click on the Reset option.
  • Now, click on Reset Network Settings.

Contact Carrier Customer Service

The last thing you can do to fix the calling issue on your iPhone and almost any device is by contacting customer support. There could be issues with the network provider itself and that is why you are not able to make the calls. In that case, you will have to wait for some time till the issue gets resolved from the network’s side. You can use social media handles or the service helpline numbers to get the latest update on the issue.

Final Words

So, these were some of the best methods to fix the iPhone call failed immediately problem and we hope now you are able to fix call failed issue on iPhone by following the methods mentioned above. There can be more ways available to do this but we will recommend you to follow these methods fix before applying another fix to your device.

Also, do not download any tool or software that claims to fix this problem as it can be solved by the user itself. We are looking for more ways to fix iPhone call failing problem and will list them in this post. If you know about any other causes why call failed on your iPhone then do let us know about it too.

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