5 Best iOS Emulators for Android to run iOS App on Android

Have you ever tried to use iOS apps on an android device? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. Back in the day, we used to borrow our friend’s iPhones to enjoy our favorite apps and games. However, the world has rapidly changed. Technology is getting increasingly advanced, and many brilliant brains have made it easier for us to do things. In this case, we have a solution for you that will help you to use iOS apps on your android device. Yes, you heard it right. You can now run any iOS app or app store game on your android device without even purchasing an iPhone.

The foremost step is to download & run the latest iOS emulator for Android. This emulator is the cheapest and easiest way to enjoy iOS apps or games on an Android device. The iOS emulator will help you to run iOS apps on your android smartphone. This post will discuss the top iOS emulators for Android devices, so you can choose one after reading this article. These emulators are fully compatible with any Android smartphone and will function flawlessly. You’re probably gaping about what an iOS emulator is. Keep reading to dispel any doubts.

What exactly is an iOS emulator?

The iOS emulator is a centralized program that helps enable the user to use any iOS app on other operating systems. Of course, it includes the most famous OS, Android too. It creates a virtual iOS environment on the other operating system to trick the apps. This virtual environment lets the user run and installs iOS apps as APK on the android device. In simple words, After installing the iOS app store emulator. You will be able to use 2 distinct Operating Systems at the same moment on your Android device. In this post, you will find the best iOS emulator for Android in 2022. You can opt for any of them from the options listed here. If you’re looking for the most popular & top iOS emulator for Android, look no further.

5 Best iOS Emulators for Android to run iOS App on Android

The most compatible iOS Emulators for Android are IOSEmus, Appetize.io, IEMU apple emulator, Cider Emulator, paranoid iOS Emulator, All in one iOS emulator, iOS launcher, iphone5simulator, and RunThatApp. These iOS emulators are free to install except for Appetize.io. It has a subscription of 40$ per month. You can choose any of the above iOS emulators according to your preference. Below we have reviewed each emulator app for Android so you can get to know more about them before using.

Cider iOS Emulator

Cider is a malware and virus-free iOS emulator and it only takes up a small amount of disc space. It is among the most popular iOS emulator apps so you can use it without any worries. If you are thinking of running iOS apps and games on your Android device, then you can take advantage of the Cider iOS emulator app. This app is visually-rich so you can expect some high-quality graphics and visual activities from this app. Since it is small in size, it won’t eat your device resources and you can keep it installed as long as you want.

  • Very small app as compared to other iOS emulators.
  • The complete app is ad-free.
  • Supports a majority of iOS applications.
  • Can be customized according to the user’s needs.
  • Compatible with a lot of Android devices.

iEMU iOS Emulator

Another good iOS emulator is iEMU which comes with many advanced features that can’t be found in other similar iOS emulator apps. This application is available for free but there is no official website available for it. Also, it is not available on any official app stores like Google Play Store. If you want to download the iEMU emulator app then you will have to use third-party websites and app stores. Installing iEMU iOS Emulator is free, but it cannot handle heavy games like Asphalt 9.

  • Completely free iOS emulator.
  • Can be used to test iOS app development projects.
  • No ads and surveys are available inside the app.
  • The graphics quality is very good.
  • Allows you to keep the data safe when you uninstall apps.


Appetize.io is a cloud-based iOS Emulator. It has a premium membership option. It is among the finest emulators for app development and testing. However, this emulator works as a website and not an actual app. You will have to visit the official Appetize website and use the web interface to use this iOS emulator. Though it is capable of running any iOS application because many iOS developers are using this website to test their apps. You will not be able to save any data or use the emulator like an Android application.

  • Completely free iOS emulator website.
  • No signup or registration is needed.
  • Works pretty well on all types of browsers.
  • No need to download an app to use it.
  • Does not store or share user data.

iOSEmus Emulator

iOSEmus Emulator is also free to install iOS emulators for Android and iOS devices. It has a customizable theme option which makes it very user-friendly. You can also get regular updates about the latest version right inside the app without visiting any third-party website. There is no jailbreak or rooting permission required to run this emulator. This app comes with a built-in app store to install iOS apps directly on the Android device. This app also supports third-party apps like Lucky Patcher to patch installed applications.

  • No jailbreak or root required.
  • Can be used to MOD other applications.
  • Very clean and easy-to-use interface.
  • Supports the official iTunes Store.
  • Everything can be customized.

iOS Launcher

If you don’t want to install an emulator app to run iOS apps and games in a virtual environment, then you can consider using apps like iOS Launcher. This launcher application will change the entire look of your Android device to an iOS device. The icons, menu, and everything else will be changed to look like an iOS device so you can feel like you are using an iOS device itself. Remember that IPA or iOS apps won’t run on your device if you will use this launcher because it simply works as a theme for mobile devices and not as an emulator.

  • Completely free application.
  • Easy to use and very simple interface.
  • Can be used to give Android devices an iOS look.
  • Customize accordingly.
  • Does not support iOS applications.
  • No setup or external installation is needed.

All in One iOS emulator has inbuilt Siri support, however, you will have to face ads while running it.


Is there any iOS emulator available for Android devices?

Yes. Every year, as technology advances, more emulators are there. As a result, picking the proper one for your smartphone becomes tricky. However, we’ve compiled a list of the best Apple iOS emulator for Android that will work smoothly on your device.

Which Emulator is best for iOS Apps?

There are various options to choose from, however when it comes to optimum performance and compatibility. Appetize.io and IOSEmus are the best iOS Emulators to date. Appetize.io is a cloud-based emulator and it offers a premium membership, which is also worth it. IOSEmus is well-known for its customizable theme feature, and it also works well with resource-intensive programs or games. As a result, IOSEmus is a viable alternative for Appetize.io.

How do I try the iOS App on my Android phone?

The first thing you need to do to try iOS apps on your android is to install the iOS emulator app for Android. This emulator is completely safe and trojan-free. After installing, run the emulator and try any iOS app in the virtual environment set by its AI. And that’s how you can try iOS on your android without buying an iPhone.

Is there any real iOS Emulator?

Many people still doubt the existence of an iOS emulator. You should not be one of them after reaching this point. Yes, the iOS emulator is genuine and trustworthy. This iOS 14 emulators for Android was created by software developers and has proven to be one of the best. There is also an iOS game emulator for Android which helps people run iOS games on an Android device smoothly.

Final Words

In this rapidly developing world, not everyone has access to luxuries like iPhones as they are expensive. The importance of the iOS emulator for Android studio is demonstrated in this post. Emulators for iOS doesn’t cost anything, so they are better than purchasing an iPhone. Using an iOS Emulator is exactly the same as using an iPhone.

Many iOS emulators don’t take up a lot of memory on your phone, so you can easily use your favorite iOS apps on it. You can now get the iOS emulator with the app store for Android as we have already told you about the best ones in this post. We will keep adding more iOS emulator apps for Android in this post, so keep visiting this page.

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