Can you unsend an iMessage or Text Message after delivered?

These days people talk a lot with each other over text messages and just because of this a lot of text-based messaging apps have been launched. When you buy a new mobile phone device, it comes with a built-in text messaging app but if you want then you can sideload other apps to get more features and visuals. Still, a lot of iOS users prefer using iMessage over other third-party messaging apps for iPhone and iPad. The only reason is, that it is free and gets constant updates from Apple with new features and support. Still, there are some drawbacks to it like there is no guide available that shows how to unsend an iMessage.

While talking with someone, we often make mistakes while typing and sometimes send a message that we don’t need. Every popular messaging app like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. now has the feature to unsend or delete the sent messages in a limited time frame. Well, this feature is not available in the iMessage app and that is why iOS device users get confused about it. If you are looking for ways to learn how to unsend an iPhone Text Message that has been delivered in iOS 15 and 16, then you can read this post till the end. We have share tips and tricks to unsend Text Message in iOS 15 and iOS 16 without using any external tools and apps.

Why do you want to undo a sent iMessage on iPhone?

Not only on iOS but mistakes can be made by anyone on any device around the world. The iMessage is so popular among the iPhone and iPad users is because it lets them send media as well as text messages without using any third-party apps or services. If you have sent a message to someone on iMessage and want to recall it, then there are few chances of that. Many times, people send a message to the wrong number, or sometimes with typos that create another meaning of the message and whatnot. There are many reasons why someone wants to unsend delivered iMessage on iOS and it completely differs from person to person.

Can you unsend delivered Message from iMessage in iOS?

Turn on the Airplane Mode ASAP on iPhone

The only way to unsend iMessage before delivered is by putting your device into Airplane mode as soon as you click on the Send button in the iMessage app. Doing this will stop the iMessage app to use the internet and cellular network to send the message. It doesn’t matter if you want to unsend an iMessage photo or text message, it can be done with any iMessage. Below we have shared steps that you can follow if you want to know more about how to unsend iMessage iOS 15 and 16 and on older versions as well.

  • First of all, open an iMessage chat and send the message.
  • The message can be anything like text or an image.
  • Once you have clicked on the Send button, open the Settings panel and turn on Airplane mode ASAP.
  • Now, you will see the message shows a RED Exclamation Mark and Not Delivered text under the sent message.
  • This means, your message is not sent and you still have hope to unsend it.
  • Simply, click on the Red Exclamation mark and click on More to open a small context menu.
  • Click on Delete Message and wait for a few seconds to let iMessage delete the message.
  • Now you can disable the airplane mode again to start using your device.

NOTE: iMessage sends the messages quickly as soon as the user clicks on the Send button. You need to be quick while following this method and don’t forget to use the More option to Delete the message. Else, it will be delivered to the recipient when you turn off airplane mode.

Turn off iMessage Account

Another method to unsend iMessage text message is by deleting your iMessage account from the settings. If you are able to stop the message from sending by following the method mentioned above, then your work is done. Well, remember that as soon as you will turn off the airplane mode, the iMessage app will start working on the message again and will try sending it to the recipient. To stop the app from doing is, you can simply turn off your iMessage account from the iOS Settings menu. Here’s how you can do that on any iOS device and version.

  • Open the iOS app Settings and go to Messages.
  • Scroll down and turn the iMessage feature OFF.
  • Navigate back to the Settings menu and click on FaceTime.
  • Scroll down, and Turn Off the FaceTime feature.

Use Third-Party Apps [Need Jailbreak]

Well, if you are comfortable with jailbreaking your iOS device then you will be able to control your iMessage a lot. The settings and everything can be customized according to your needs and you will never have to put your device on airplane mode or delete the iMessage account to unsend a text message. There are a few apps available out there that allow you to unsend iMessage on iOS and we have searched for them too. Below we have listed the iMessage unsender app name and the details you might need to know about it to use it properly without anyone’s help.

  • Download and install the SendDelay app on your iOS device.
  • Once done, open the app and give the necessary permissions to it.
  • Now, you can set the timer in the application to use as a delay option.
  • The maximum time can be 5 seconds and for these 5 seconds, your messages will not be sent.
  • You will get 5 seconds to react and stop the messages on iMessage to send.

Though, It can be quite irritating when you are chatting with your friend as they will have to wait a few seconds before your message arrives on their device. Also, this app might not work on iOS 15 and 16 but you can give it a try as for some users it is working pretty fine.


Can you delete an iMessage already sent?

Currently, there is no official way to unsend an iMessage once it is sent by the user. The app itself is designed with mechanisms and features that force it to send the message to the receiver anyhow. Since the iMessage was designed a lot of years, the need to usend or recall a message was not a major issue for the users.

How do you retract a text message on iPhone?

If we talk about other messages like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, etc. then long-pressing the text message will give you an option to unsend it. You just need to open the chat, click on the message you want to recall, and tap unsend or delete button. Remember that it must be done within a few minutes or so.

Is Apple Developing Feature To Unsend iMessage?

There are numerous articles, threads in the Apple forum, and communities out there that are talking about this feature. Though there is no official iMessage unsend message announcement from Apple until now. We hope Apple considers it as a useful feature and release it with the new iOS update 16 and via OTA to older devices.

How remove iMessages on both sides?

If you want to delete the iMessage message on both sides, then you can either delete your iMessage account or use the other device to block you. You must have access to both iMessage devices else it is not possible over the internet. Also, you don’t have to do it just because it was a mistake. You can correct it in the next text message sent.

Final Words

Currently, a lot of iOS users are asking for the recalling message feature on the iMessage app and we can expect it in new few updates. Since every popular social networking and messaging service is adding this feature, Apple might think about it. Till then, you can delete iMessage before delivered in 2022 by following our guide.

Some apps on the iTunes Store and third-party iOS app stores claim to do that after the message has been sent or delivered but that is not possible. Do not download these apps because they might ask for message and storage permission. If you want unsend message iOS in 16 feature, then head over to the Apple forums and support similar threads.

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